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We are an Entrepreneurs Consumer Informational Agent. CHIIA Group represents Hamp’s Corner of America (, HCofA Blog Talk Radio, CHIIA Grp on, and Frosty LTD (our online retail outlet). Our CEO is a self-published author of five books and counting. Therefore, we act as an informational link for writers, entrepreneurs, and the general public between the world of business. 

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To inform, inspire, motivate, and overall assist you in reaching a well pronounced goal or objective. We do that within many ways in order to bend to your requirements. When progress is made, then we both benefit from the results. 



Remembering Moz, a book dedicated to our Authors father.

There are very few strangers at this wake service. Looking at family members around my father’s age is like walking into the Twilight Zone. When I see my Uncles Peach, Calvin, Curtis, Clearance, and Aunts and others that grew up in and around Bradley County, Arkansas, I imagine them as children. I see them going through the motion of living life, indeed doing the things in the stories they’ve told me. They all loved to tell stories of how funny my father was as a youngster.  He was always a jokester but just as serious about taking care of his younger brothers and sisters. He was a boy who loved to have fun, fish, hunt and getting into the mischief of the day. They tell me stories of him courting my mother before they were married. Each person in attendance has a Codis Hampton story. I love hearing them all, not only on this sad day but remembering conversations I’ve had with them in the past. Besides wanting to introduce my father to the world, it is one of the primary reasons I choose to write this book. It’s also of great pride and comfort knowing that I come from such a rich heritage of people. Yes, looking at all these folks, I feel like I just took a step back in time. The difference here is the people in this setting, zone or historical flashback are family. That makes it very special even within this solemn environment.         


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Unchon-ni, South Korea, I Remember 1962-63, pictured above...coming to a book outlet near you. We will also sell autograph copies from this site at a Sale Price during the 2019 holiday buying season. Stay tuned, Subscribe above to receive notice of what we are doing.

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Misguided Intentions 

Gracie Hall-Hampton, the Arkansas Years, 1917-1953 

Articles – Good topics for articles include anything related to your company – recent changes to operations, the latest company softball game – or the industry you’re in. General business trends (think national and even international) are great article fodder, too.

Mission statements – You can tell a lot about a company by its mission statement. Don’t have one? Now might be a good time to create one and post it here. A good mission statement tells you what drives a company to do what it does.

Company policies – Are there company policies that are particularly important to your business? Perhaps your unlimited paternity/maternity leave policy has endeared you to employees across the company. This is a good place to talk about that.

Executive profiles – A company is only as strong as its executive leadership. This is a good place to show off who’s occupying the corner offices. Write a nice bio about each executive that includes what they do, how long they’ve been at it, and what got them to where they are.

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